Staypoollizer automatic pool water level control
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Staypoollizer Setup Video

Around The Clock Water Level Control

 The Staypoollizer Premium Automatic Water Leveler , a robust, stable and maintenance free way to maintain a constant water level year round that is fully compatible with fresh and salt water chlorinated swimming pools.

The product reflects the adage that form should follow function. Beautifully and simply crafted; nothing sloppy or cheap about materials or joinery. Works as promised. Good value and reflects another truism that you often get what you pay for. Moreover, when I made a mistake and initially ordered the wrong style for my in ground pool the staffers who helped me bent over backwards to correct my mistake with a minimum of 'pain' to my wallet. They shipped me the appropriate unit and took back the wrong one, all in a matter of days, and this just before a holiday weekend! Happy camper at this end. Thanks Staypoollizer team

William S.

Received and installed it last weekend. Works great !!! Super easy installation, set the level, turn on the water and you're done. This is a great way to keep you water level at it's proper level, and not worry about burning up your pump. AAAA+

D. Gean

The Staypoollizer is great !  Let the kids splash all they want, sitting watching a water hose is a thing of the past.


I have always forgot to fill the pool. Now its a thing of the past. Thank you for a great product that is well made and works great !

Bill T

Very well made solid construction

Howard W.

Trusted By Pool Owners World Wide


No assembly required comes ready to use!

Attaches to any standard garden hose.

Brass Swivel Style Hose Connector

One Year Warranty

Attractive anti-slip coating that keeps units in place wet or dry.

Continuously maintains the water level of your pool to within a 1/4 inch year round.

You can easily adjust the Staypoollizer water level from 4.0" to 9.0" of depth.

Additional depths available measuring from the top of the pool deck to the center of the skimmer.


Have You Checked Your Water Level Today ?

Fact is all pools lose water. Smart pool owners around the world have made the Staypoollizer their #1 choice for automatic pool water level control.