Some Copy Innovation, We Pioneer It

The Staypoollizer Premium Automatic Water Leveler, a robust, stable and maintenance free way to maintain a constant water level year round that is fully compatible with fresh and salt water chlorinated swimming pools. The new universal frame easily installs on any style pool deck or ledge by simply rotating the rear legs. Nxgen Flow Control makes water pressure regulators a thing of the past. No Water Regulator Required.

Universal Staypoollizer with Nxgen Flow Control

Unmatched Performance

  A revolutionary breakthrough providing unparalleled performance and durability. The first solid metal water inlet designed specifically for the demands of the swimming pool auto-fill industry.

  Nxgen has eliminated the common weaknesses found in the typical cheaper made auto fillers by replacing high stress areas of the tank assembly. This ingenious design has eliminated all water pressures, water hammering, water erosion from making direct contact with the tank housing. 

  Nxgen Flow Control technology dramatically increases operating efficiency while greatly improving durability.

Simply Better By Design

  JCS is committed to providing the very best solutions in the swimming pool auto fill industry. The all new Nxgen Flow Control builds on this promise by supplying unmatched performance and durability to our product line.

  Combining years of knowledge with customer feedback our engineering team developed something extraordinary. Using proprietary technology we have developed the best performing swimming pool water replenishing device yet.

One Product - Multiple Platforms

Adaptive Elegance

The Staypoollizer with Nxgen Flow Control easily adapts to any pool deck style by simply rotating the rear stand.

Staypoollizer with Nxgen Flow Control on a flat surface
Staypoollizer with Nxgen Flow Control sitting on a Tapered Deck
Staypoollizer with Nxgen Flow Control Sitting on a Raised Edge Deck
Staypoollizer with Nxgen flow control sitting on a above ground pool rail

Seeing Is Believing

Molded Versus Metal

Injection molding while convenient and cost effective does has it flaws. Temperature variations and material flow cause random artifacts during production. If the random artifact happen to occur near or on the high stress areas of the water inlet or threaded section, service life will be cut short.

The Nxgen advantage has removed the chance of artifacts while enhancing performance with increased structural integrity. Water pressure and wear are gone from all molded injection surfaces.

Nxgen Flow Control ™

Unparalleled Performance

This patent pending enhancement allows the Staypoollizer with Nxgen Flow Control to outperform legacy generations and similar looking products by over 2.5 times the performance and durability. To the average pool owner this means our products are able to last much longer and perform better than ever before. You no longer need worry of water pressure changes or the additional expense of water regulators. With the NXGEN advantage the Staypoollizer has eliminated water inlet wear, chipping, stress cracking, and other common failures that plague the inferior design of our competitors.  

Nxgen Water Inlet High Performance Solid Metal Design.

Product Comparision

The Average Auto Filler

 •  All plastic inlets have one key weakness, they’re plastic !

•  Plastic threads and seat chamber are exposed to continuous water pressure, water hammering and temperature changes, cracking the threads eventually causing water leaks or housing failure.

•  Maximum working water pressure 60 psi. Unit is working at the upper limits of its design capabilities. Ultimately reducing its life span.  

• Out gassing from chlorine attacks the structural integrity of the plastic edge of the nozzle. Eventually the water inlet starts to fail due to chipping, or water spray eroding the edge of the seat. Ultimately the seal between the inlet edge and neoprene disk will fail.

•  The water inlet surface begins to flatten from wear within the first month of use. Flattening of the inlet requires additional force from the float assembly. The additional force begins to deteriorate the smooth sealing surface of the neoprene disk. Once the smooth surface is damaged the unit begins to overfill.

The Nxgen Advantage

 • Solid metal water inlet. Designed and tested for outstanding performance.

 • Engineered and designed specifically for the swimming pool auto fill industry. Operates 158% more efficiency. Less force required for shutoff means longer life of the neoprene disk.  

• No wear on the solid metal surfaces of the water inlet. All water pressure is contained within the full metal inlet.

• No water hammering, water jet erosion.

• Tested at pressures beyond 155 psi. Operates with ease at standard water pressures from 1 psi - 155 psi. 

• ZERO pressure on the tank assembly means no more stress cracks, leaking threads, flattened and worn water inlet and overfilled swimming pools. 

• Nxgen Flow Control is unaffected by pool chemicals, ultimately providing the best engineered longest lasting pool water replenishing device on the market.

Water Pressure Comparison

Standard Automatic Pool Fillers work at their up limits failing due to design.
The Staypoollizer with Nxgen Flow Control is 250% stronger at controlling water levels.

The product reflects the adage that form should follow function. Beautifully and simply crafted; nothing sloppy or cheap about materials or joinery. Works as promised. Good value and reflects another truism that you often get what you pay for. Moreover, when I made a mistake and initially ordered the wrong style for my in ground pool the staffers who helped me bent over backwards to correct my mistake with a minimum of 'pain' to my wallet. They shipped me the appropriate unit and took back the wrong one, all in a matter of days, and this just before a holiday weekend! Happy camper at this end. Thanks Staypoollizer team

William S.

Received and installed it last weekend. Works great !!! Super easy installation, set the level, turn on the water and you're done. This is a great way to keep you water level at it's proper level, and not worry about burning up your pump. AAAA+

D. Gean

The Staypoollizer is great !  Let the kids splash all they want, sitting watching a water hose is a thing of the past.


I have always forgot to fill the pool. Now its a thing of the past. Thank you for a great product that is well made and works great !

Bill T

Very well made solid construction

Howard W.
Regardless of what type of pool you have all pools loose water. Staypoollizer with Nxgen Flow Control monitor and keep your pool full.

Have You Checked Your Water Level Today ?

Fact is all pools lose water. Smart pool owners around the world have made the Staypoollizer their #1 choice for automatic pool water level control.