Staypoollizer FAQ

Recommendations for worry free operation.


Use a good quality water hose. (Apex 8509-50) brand has a good track record and available in many lengths and colors. This brand can be found at most  local hardware stores and online.

Reduce the flow of water to no more then a steady stream out of the faucet. In the unlikely event there is water hose failure this will reduce the water loss to a minimum. Reduced water flow is normally enough supply to keep the average pool full now the Staypoollizer is controlling the water level 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


 Water Hose Connection to Brass Swivel


Every Staypoollizer goes through a high pressure check to insure proper operation of the float assembly and leak detection of the brass swivel. Each unit must pass these demanding test before we put our seal of approval on them.

If you are having issue where the brass swivel leaks here are a few tips to look for.

Damaged threads on the end of the water hose .

Although the water hose may appear to be tight inside the swivel. It will prevent the hose end from going deep enough into the swivel, not allowing the face of the water hose to make contact with the water hose gasket.

If the swivel can be wiggled after the hose has been tighten damaged threads are preventing the hose from sealing.

Simply try another hose or replace the hose end. Do not use tools to force the connection to seal.


My Staypoollizer is running all the time. Is there something wrong ?


The Staypoollizer will run continuously under certain circumstances and keep you pool water level within.025" of its set point year round.

If your pool water is staying at the same level and the Staypoollizer is continuously running then the unit is simply replacing water as its lost due to evaporation or leaks and the Staypoollizer is operating correctly.

Common reasons the Staypoollizer might begin to over fill.

  • Trash has entered the water inlet, not allowing the ventura disk to seal. ( remove water hose and inspect inlet for debris.)
  • If the unit is only a few days old and worked correctly then began overfill. (Check red float for water logged condition - water inside the red float.)
  • If the unit is older (rotate the ventura disk with the tip of your finger, this will give the water inlet a new surface to seal to.) Performing this simple step once a year will  keep the Staypoollizer running like new for many years .
 Staypoollizer Rebuild Procedure / Rebuild Kit Install (Click Image For PDF Version)
How Do I Adjust The Staypoollizer to different depths ?


Depth adjustments are achieved by applying pressure up or down on the black float assembly while using are twisting action back and forth. This will release the surface tension on the lower adjustment pipe allowing the assemble to be moved to the desired adjustment.

Take a look at this short video demonstration.  Video Link