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Staypoollizer Setup and Installation

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IG & AG General Product Instruction

Recommendations for worry free operation

AG Installation Instructions


General Instructions For (IG) And (AG) Models

Okay so you’ve received your new Staypoollizer and are eager to get it setup and attending your pools water level. There are just a few simple steps you need to take first, but don’t worry, they are super easy and quick.

Step 1 – Remove the Staypoollizer from its box.

Step 2 – For shipping purposes, the large black float assembly is turned around backwards and will need to be rotated 180 degrees so the label is facing forward.  To do so, simply twist (spin) the float assembly around, it may take a small amount of effort to get it to move at first. When in the correct position and placed on your pool deck, it will face toward the water and away from the pool wall, as shown in (Figure A).

(Figure A)

Step 3 – Connect your water hose to the faucet but DO NOT connect it to the Staypoollizer yet. We recommend running water through the hose first to flush out any debris that may be inside. Thus protecting the Staypoollizer inlet and float assembly from damage once connected.  – Turn off the water.

Step 4 – Now connect the water hose to the Staypoollizer. It’s important that you do not over tighten the water hose when connecting it to the Staypoollizer as this can damage the tank housing at the connection point. Very little torque is required for a leak proof connection.

Step 5 – Turn on the water at the faucet and verify that the Staypoollizer is working properly by lifting upward on the Red float. Water should stop completely. As you release the Red float water should begin flowing again.

Step 6 – Position the Staypoollizer over the edge of your pool deck placing the Black float assembly into the water. Adjust the height of the float by twisting it as you slide it upward or downward to the desired water level. Using the beveled molding on the front of the float assembly (Figure B) as a gauge, adjusting to your desired water level. Your new Staypoollizer is now setup and working.  – Enjoy!

(Figure B)


 * Note About Water Pressure 

If the water level continues to raise above the beveled area on the Staypoollizer float assembly, it may be an indicator that the incoming water pressure is to high and exceeds 65 psi. Water pressure above 65 psi will cause the Staypoollizer to run continuously. You should consider using a water pressure regulator, one such as the Valterra A01-1120 Water Pressure Regulator with Grip, installed at the faucet, will reduce the water pressure to a safer 45 psi thus protecting your water hose from premature failure and allowing the Staypoollizer to function correctly .



 (AG) Above Ground Model Installation

Tools Needed:


  • Battery Operated Drill
  • 5/16″ Drill Bit
  • Pencil
  • Masking Tape (optional)

Step 1 – After you decide where you would like to position the Staypoollizer, temporarily set the assembly on the ledge with the float assembly hanging in the water. Adjust the positioning to achieve a flat level surface so the Staypoollizer float assembly is allowed to hang vertical and the lower rail elbow is snug against the ledge.  

Step 2 – Using the included ledge support plate (figure 2) as a template, mark the location to place two 5/16″ holes for the U-bolt (figure 1) to pass through. Pay close attention to variables such as the pool wall and ease of access of the support plate and nuts once they are assembled on the bottom of the ledge.

Step 3 – Once you have the holes drilled, remove the Staypoollizer and support plate from the ledge. Check that the U-bolt (figure 3) passes through the holes. Once satisfied with the fit, care should be taken in removing any debris left from the drilling process. (Rust will form very quickly, staining the ledge coating).

Step 4 – Attach your water hose to the Staypoollizer float assembly. Place the Staypoollizer back in position and slip the U-bolt over the center rail placing the support plate and nuts on the bottom of the ledge. Hand tighten the assembly to the ledge, checking for level positioning. When satisfied it is properly mounted, securely tighten the nuts.

Step 5 – Turn the water hose on at the faucet.

Step 6 – Start enjoying your pool and relax, the Staypoollizer is now on the job.