Universal Staypoollizer Premium with Nxgen Flow Control (White)

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The Universal Staypoollizer Premium with Nxgen Flow Control

The Patent Pending design of the Universal Staypoollizer with Nxgen Flow Control  allows it to sit over the edge of any pool deck and remain in place while automatically and continuously maintaining your pools water level.This high performance auto filler has no equal. The Staypoollizer with Nxgen Flow Control operates at pressures way beyond the limits of our competition not only out performing but out lasting them also. Say goodbye to constantly having to monitor your pool water level when the Universal Staypoollizer with Nxgen Flow Control is on the job. 

  • Solid metal water inlet and seat.
  • Tested at pressures beyond 155 psi. Operates with ease a standard water pressures from 1 psi - 155 psi.
  • ZERO pressure on the tank assembly means no more stress cracks, leaking threads, flatten and worn water inlet and overfilled swimming pools. 
  • Continuously maintains the water level of your swimming pool within a 1/4 inch year round.
  •  Nxgen Flow Control is unaffected by pool chemicals, ultimately providing the best engineered longest lasting pool water replenishing device on the market.
  • Easily make adjustments to your pools water level of approximately 4 to 9 inches by sliding the float assembly up or down. Measure from top of pool deck to center of skimmer opening.   (Extra water level range adjustments are available if needed. Please contact us for more information.)
  • Anti-slip coating that keeps the Staypoollizer in place even during heavy pool use.
  • Vinyl Liner Safe. Smooth surface design. No protruding hardware. 
  • Attaches to a standard garden hose.
  • No assembly required.
  • One Year Warranty.

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